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Professional Breeders
Webpages of Steve Osborne and his wife Karen from San Diego, from who we have most of our snakes, especially Pastel Kings. Together with Bob Applegate he is our great and hard to be atained icon in lampropeltis breeding. I can only recommend.

Vaclav Chadima - Lampropeltis
Mr. Chadima webpages. For us he is "czech Steve Osborne". In our vivs you can find several snakes from him too. I can only recommend, too.

UK hybrids
Very edifying webpages made by experienced breeders regarding Kingsnake hybrids and Kingsnake x Other snakes hybrids. You can find there also information regarding snake artificial insemination. They are also interested in Pastel Kings, but let's say that not so much as we are. Paul is great.

Unusual Albino Snakes
Pete's webpages, he is UK guy who loves nature and who is crazy about Pastel Kings as much as we are. Fantastic and worth of following is his back garden pond project. We hope that we will follow him with similar project soon.

ABC Snake Centrum
Christos Skliris's, breeder from who have their origin L.t.nelsoni T+ albino.

Also from Albinosnakes we have a few snakes in our vivs.

Kingsnakes and other snakes
From Vita Machac we do not have any snake, but to him and his webpages we would like to thank for first valuable, clear and complete info regarding kingsnakes breeding we got.

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